how to change IP ?

In "edit virtual server" I see line

IP address XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX (Private to this server)

but how can i change IP for this host to shared IP ?

I want to setup the second host on this IP.

Thanks in advance


IP addresses can be set as shared by going into Addresses and Networking, and adding it to "Shared IP Addresses".

hi, bro
when i do it, error appears

“Failed to save shared IP addresses : ‘XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX’ is a private IP address for virtual server

is it any chance to resolve my problem?

Actually, it sounds like you’re wanting to do the opposite of Eric’s suggestion (though I wasn’t clear on the either).

You want to first convert the virtual server that’s on the IP to a shared IP, so disable the features that expect an IP (SSL and virtual IP-based FTP), and use the Change IP form to change it to the shared IP. Then you can make the current private IP into a shared IP.

I think. I’m not actually sure…I’ve never done it. :wink:

i don’t use ssl or virtual based IP. This wass mistake some time ago to assign private IP.

May be some hack in configs or database resolve this situation?
This is feature request this is just single situation.