How to build a testing environment for domain name registration service

Hi,we are now doing a project for top-level domain name registration service,but since we haven’t got an account with Versign,we do not have the testing environment.Now I need to create a testing environment,what should I do? I am new to projects like this.Please give me some help.Thanks.

Different registrars have different requirements for getting developer access, which is what you’ll need. I don’t think Virtualmin’s domain registrar plugin currently supports Verisign (I believe it supports Gandi, Namecheap, and, but maybe there are some third party options out there).

If you’re planning to actually become a top-level registrar yourself, you’ll need to build an awful lot of infrastructure. Most companies start by using OpenSRS or reselling some other providers service, while building their own infrastructure. Virtualmin and Cloudmin do not attempt to provide any registrar services directly…it merely ties into existing registrars using their APIs.

Thank you for Joe, I again want to other measures. I wish you a happy work!