How to backup virtual server?

Howdy i want to know how to set a location to backup my vps using virtualmin, i tried but the system gives me this error message that i am posting here, maybe its me that im a real newbie but i need something to be set here and i dont know what it is… Please help! Thank you

Error Message » Backup failed : No backup destinations entered!

Are you using Virtualmin’s own backup function under “Backup and Restore -> Backup Virtual Servers / Scheduled Backups”? Where do you plan to store your backups?

What destination type (Local file or directory, FTP server, SSH server, Amazon S3 bucket, Rackspace Cloud Files) and location did you enter?


Yes, in fact i am using “Backup and Restore -> Backup Virtual Servers / Scheduled Backups” function on Virtualmin’s control panel. I want to store a local backup inside of the vps and also be able to download a copy for my desktop (pc) in order to restore the system later, i dont know how to set locations :frowning:

Thanks in advance!


If you’d like to make a local copy of your backup on your VPS, you can do that by setting a path in the “Backup destinations” field to something like “/path/to/backup/folder/”.

Then, just make sure that “Create destination directory” is checked.

You can then download the files in that directory using an FTP or SSH client.