How to backup and transfer entire virtualmin server to another freshly installed server

OS type and version Debian10
Virtualmin version latest (1.9?)

I understand webmin/virtualmin allows to backup virtual servers or domains… but what about the ability to backup the entire server and restore it on a fresh node (VPS/container) in case of a crash or corruption for instance?

My use case:
virtualmin on a linux container.
Hardware node root directory got full and caused container and webmin to sort of crash or malfunction…
Issue resolved on hardware node.
webmin is also back up and running on container

However I am not sure what else got corrupted and was wondering how to migrate the entire webmin/virtualmin server on a freshly installed container after freshly installing virtualmin-lemp-stack?

Interesting question.
What I ususally do is restore from existing virtualmin instance image, then change root password, hostname, and re-check configuration.
Then importing each virtual server one by one.

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