How to avoid Webalizer to process old (.gz-ipped) logs?

Today I found serious problem for me, that I don’t know how to solve. First I noticed that daily webalizer logs generation for my site lasts too long (40+ minutes), and today I finally found why. Thats becouse webalizer process all logs in /var/log/virtualmin/ for my site, including old .gz-ipped ones from previous weeks. My logs are very big, and becouse of that daily logs generation takes a lot of time and resources. says:

The All log files in report field shows exactly which files will be used in a any report created by Webmin and Webalizer. Because many systems are configured to move, truncate, compress and eventually delete the Apache and Squid log files on a regular basis (often using a program like logrotate), the module will include all files in the same directory that start with the same name as the primary log file. So if for example you are reporting on /var/log/httpd/access_log, the files access_log.0.gz, access_log.1.gz and so on in the /var/log/httpd will be displayed in this field as well.

But why there is no option to avoid processing old log files? Maybe there is other solution for me?