How to (automatically) create zones on separate files (not inside the main conf file) ???

As the subject says… I want to configure the system in a way that when a domain is added to the server it’s DNS zone is saved in it’s own conf file so I don’t have one flat file with too many zones.
Is this possible?

Any advice is welcome!
Thank you.

Surery it must be possible and surely people with MANY domains don’t use the named.conf for storing all those zones(?)

Still haven’t found the answer to this question. Any ideas anyone?

webmin has an option “Add new zones to file” but it accepts one file as input, not many different ones.
so i guess this can’t be done from webmin. but by hand it could. just split the zones in different files and include them in main named.conf…

A DNS zone can fit multiple domains and subdomains it itself.