How to add more than two IPs and domains?

Can anyone please show me any tutorial link or any documentation about how can I add 2 or more IP addresses in one Virtualmin. I want to use Virtualmin on one VPS with different IPs and domains. Is there any possibility?
Also If I buy an IP from the VPS providing company then how could Virtualmin know that this IP just belongs to me and I’m allowed to use it in my Virtualmin account?
Please respond as soon as possible.

Virtualmin -> Network -> network settings -> host addresses.
The names might varry a bit, but thats where you can add more IPs.

Thank you for response.
then how would we add the new IP with new domain?

If you added them there, you can change the IP in the virtual server settings.

Virtualmin CP -> select the virtual-server you want to change -> Server Configuration -> Change IP Address

There you can set the needed details.

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