How to add mailboxes to alias server

Hi All,

I am trying to set up my server for a multi site setup on Typo3. I set up a virtual server for my main domain and everything works including mail. Now I added an alias server for one of my other domains. Under " Enabled features" I checked “Mail for domain enabled?” and “DNS domain enabled?” because I want my additional domains to have their own email-addresses. The alias server created fine and if I hit the additional domain name in my browser I get the website of my main domain. Just as I wanted.

But I am not able to find a way to add email boxes to the alias server. As soon as I select the alias server the User option disappears. Under the main domain I can only add @maindomain users.

In the help under “Accept mail for domain?” it says:
“If enabled, the server will be configured to accept email addresses to mailboxes or aliases at the specified domain. The management of mailboxes and aliases within the domain will also be enabled.”

I have been searching for hours… Where can I find “management of mailboxes and aliases within the domain”?

Short answer: You can’t. An alias server is exactly that: just another name for an existing server. All users and email accounts will be mirrored from the master.

Thanks for your answer. So if I have thomas@maindomain I now also have thomas@additonaldomain? And that would be different mailboxes or would that be 1 mailbox wich is addressable with two names?

Yep, you have both addresses then, and they point to the same mailbox.

Thanks again, that disables the alias server for my wishes. The “management of mailboxes and aliases within the domain” help comment got me on the wrong way completely.

That being cleared, the solution for what I wanted was quite simple. I deleted the alias server and created a normal one and left the website option unchecked. Now my additional domain shows my main domain, but it has its own email (and other) options. I reduced its disk space for something reasonable for email and thats it.

I haven’t found time to install Typo3, yet, but I have every faith the multi site setup will be working.


How did you convert the aliase under one parent domain into another virtual server ? Using any scripts ? Now I understood that we can create an email address for a particular domain if it is a separate virtual server.

I got all the issue from the cpanel migration script. It created all my addon domain as subserver under the parent domain. I just created aliases for those domains. When I tried to create email addresses for each aliases, it gave me error like already exists as all those email accounts were going under the main parent domain.


Following on from this unanswered question, how does one convert an Alias server, to an Alias Server with Email, without deleting it and re-adding it?

As far as I know you cannot convert an alias server to something else. A script could do that (and anything else you can dream up besides making your coffee), but I don’t know of any.

As I said before: " I deleted the alias server and created a normal one and left the website option unchecked."

Yes thats what I have to do, but wondered if there was a way.

Some time ago there was a bug in which you create an alias server with email, but it didnt have email, and there was a command line to run that then added the email, so I wondered if it was the same or similar command to add the email to an alias server so we dont have to delete it. If the alias domain has a lot of hits, even a few minutes downtime from deletion is not good, hence wanting to avoid it.