How to add an SSL certificate

Hey Eric sorry I had to make this one private again

I bought the one we was on about on the other post

I followed the docs link you sent me

Looking at the Docs number ‘2-4’

I didn’t get a IP with the SSL Cert?

Also looking at number ‘19’ I didn’t get any codes from the cert all I got was a Zip file with two items in it

and a


(I renamed the domain part as belive me you don’t want to know the name of this sick site :D)


edit = I think ive done it Eric! does this look right Eric?

Also about the email using this if I click these

Use this certificate in Dovecot for SSL-protected IMAP and POP3 connections.
Use this certificate in Postfix for SSL-protected SMTP connections by mail clients.

Will it only be on this domain>? not on all the others or is this like a ‘push to all settings one?’

Thanks again!

I seem to be getting error 102 on chrome when I go to https:// any idea why this is happening?