how to activate new theme ?

Just installed a bunch of updates to Vmin/Wmin but cant seem to find a way to activate the new theme. I know where the theme manager is in Wmin but no new theme there.

Anyone running it?

Max<br><br>Post edited by:, at: 2008/06/21 00:17

The theme update is just a minor release of virtual-server-theme. Which is the same one you’ve always been using. Everybody is using it. :wink:

The “new” theme that I’m working on is not at all ready for production use, but I hope to finish it soon. I’ve got two or three outstanding functions in ui-lib that need to be translated, and they’re proving very complicated…so it could be another week or two.

Sounds good, just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something. Looking forward to the new theme.