HOW TO: access vhost home dir

I have a few vhosts on a shared IP. The domains are not transfered over yet.

is there a way to access the home dir so I dont have to give them a staic ip during the web design phase?


could them not login to webmin (them can use any domain on your system), use filemanager and edit webpages and view website and such?

I actually have it in the mail that’s sent out, if they wait on domain propagation and already want to log in with ftp to upload stuff. https://iphere:10000 the ip is no secret and makes it only more practical in some cases.

Ya, I used webmin to allow them to see there site, But thats not really ideal. And it is complicated for a new user. Also if they want someone else to view the design that other person would have to login to webmin, which would not be good.

This is a complicated answer since you gave no hint on the distro you are using.

But a general answer is this:
Install the apache mod that allows userspace public_html

If you have changed the way the websites are stored you may have to change how ~/public_html is found.

I thought there was a way to create an alias for a subdomain of your hosting account that would allow the customer to view the site with full functionality.

Your hosting domain

Customer new domain

they can see their site at

Don’t remember how but I believe Joe explained it here somewhere.

this you can activate in the server template virtual server creation

o you can always create an alias if it already exist. where is any domain reachable on your server