how quotas work

I have a question on how quotas work. Well maybe a few. Lets say you have a Virtual Server with 10gb ‘Total server quota’. If you set ‘Server administrator’s quota’ to 10bg, does that mean there is nothing left for any other users?


If the Server Administrator’s quota is 10GB, as is the total server quota – that means that if the Server Administrator uploads too many things, or receives too much email, and reaches the 10GB mark, that the entire domain would be at it’s limit – other users would no longer be able to get email, for example.


Hi Eric

So to ensure all uses can receive their mail you would set it something like

Total Server Quota 10gb

Server Administrator's quota 5gb User1 1gb User2 1gb User3 1gb User4 1gb User5 1gb

and if you added User6, User7, User8 you would need to adjust all/some of the users limits so that every one in the virtual server together add up to the Total Server Quota?

What then if all the users together add up the say 12gb?


Well, you don’t have to adjust the individual user limits to match the entire server quota. But doing so prevents the total server quota from being reached because multiple users reach theirs.

But yeah, you’d need to make sure that the individual users don’t have quotas that are so high, that it makes it easy for the entire Virtual Server account to run out of space.

In the case you described above – if quotas for all users adds up to 12GB, you may really want the entire Virtual Server quota to be 12GB or higher.


Thanks Eric

As usual very helpful