How not to do an interface

Default action if you hit the create filter button, thinking you want to create a filter, is to wipe every email in every domain. Fortunately I had selected a little used domain with only a handful of accounts. I moved my next to last account off of this POS right before this happened.

Yeah, that seems like a questionable design choice. What product is that?

Webuzo. aka (for 12 charachters) Webozo.

Its not exclusively Webuzo, I’ve seen ‘other’ systems allow users to create rules that, for example, delete every incoming email, and these hit the helpdesk at a rate of a few a month.

If there’s an option for it, some muppet is going to click it :slight_smile:

This interface is to create the rule. Not apply the rule. The default is blank and should have no affect anyhow. Nothing is specified. It also seems to have wiped the passwords, not just deleted emails. So I’m wondering now if they had some other backend issue and the timing was coincidence.