How many sites do you run?


Anyone using Virtualmin commercially?

Looking for details from anyone using Virtualmin (GPL or PRO) to host sites…

How many sites/domains/mail accounts are you hosting on what size hardware?

I know it all depends on many factors but just wanting to get a general idea…



We use Virtualmin commercially since a few weeks.
At this moment we host 125+ websites with e-mail etc.
We have the PRO version because of the script installers and we want to support the software.
Virtualmin runs in a Debian 6 VM with 4gb ram and 80gb storage.
That is quite enough for now. But because we use virtualization, we can scale it up if we want.

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Virtual servers 146 [Number of virtual servers]
DNS domains 144
Virtual websites 145
SSL websites 5
Mail domains 126
Databases 141
Mail/FTP users 200 [Number of mail and FTP users]
Mail aliases 286 [Number of mail aliases]

Operating system CentOS Linux 5.6
Webmin version 1.561
Virtualmin version 3.87 Pro

CPU load averages 0.08 (1 min) [CPU load (1 min)] 0.38 (5 mins) [CPU load (5 mins)] 0.25 (15 mins) [CPU load (15 mins)]
Running processes 351 [Running processes]
Real memory 3.96 GB total, 1.82 GB used [Memory used]

This is a Dell PE 1850. There is room for another 200 sites easily.

Hi there, I just wanted to weigh in my opinion / comments on this topic.

First off, I’m a small web host who has under 20 customers / domains at this point. I’ve been using Virtualmin for a number of years now and I really like the software. I would purchase and support the system but it’s quite expensive to run any number of domains on the PRO license.

What I’d like to see is GPL support for script installers, and other features up to a larger number of clients. You’re charging quite a bit for 10 users and I’m afraid you’re scaring away your smaller interests. I will continue to use the GPL version and think it’s great. I love the new features of the next version.

I’ve been reading up on creating my own script installers, but why am I reinventing the wheel? Because I’m “Frugal” I guess. I can’t justify 140$ per year for 10 clients. Sorry guys, your pricing is too high.

Great software though :slight_smile:


I also thought about should I buy the PRO or the GPL version of Virtualmin.
In my opinion the pricing is ok. If you compare it to Plesk, Virtualmin is much cheaper and not so bloated.
Finally we decided to pay for the lifetime license because of the support and script installers.
It saves us much time using the script installers, so we found that the price is worth it. :slight_smile:
Though there are some things that could be better though. Documentation about a virgin install for example. After trial and error we found out how server templates/account templates worked etc.

Just to clarify. It is only $140 in the first year. After that it is $50 for renewals or so I think (please check the official pricing table of course).

Not sure what kind of business you exactly own/do, but in your industry qualified workers probably get $140 dollars per hour (at least $50 :wink: As mentioned above, Virtualmin pro has quite many timesaving features and first class support for one hour of your work :slight_smile: