How make an IP shared ?

hi every body …

I have a problem to create sub-domain and new virtual host by my Virtualmin. when I want to create subdomian show me this:

Failed to create virtual server : The IP address is already used by virtual server

I’ve check the config my virtual host and I found this :
IP address 72.x.x.26 (Private to this server)

and when I want that IP be shared from Networking section show me this:

Failed to save shared IP addresses : ‘72.x.x.26’ is a private IP address for virtual server

how can I change private ip to shared ip ?


Take a look in Addresses and Networking -> Shared IP Addresses.

Whenever you have an IP that’s not yet being used by a Virtual Server, you can use “Shared addresses for any servers” in order to make it available to them.

Thank you very much. I’ve solved my problem. First I backup my virtual host then I deleted it to free one IP. After that I shared IP without any problem. Then I restored my backup.

And it now works good

Thanks again