How Long to take propagation ?

hi All

I am very new in to VPS, just setup Droplet from DO with Linux14.04 and install VirtualMin

I want to setup and

i try to learn from googling and youtube to get familiar with webmin, but i am fail to get my ns1 and ns2 working.

get my friend to help me setup ns1 and ns2. and i setup the second droplet (Frees) with vitrualmin

my domain still can not connected to my VPS (Server not found)

when i check to, my domain have set to [‘’] and [‘’]

but when i ping my domain it said Ping can not find host . .

and my friend said it propagation time, is that true?

how long to take propagation? now it has take more than 24 hours


Yeah it can take up to two days in some cases. It’s all about how long the DNS server your system is using has cached the DNS lookups for your domain.

That cache needs to expire before it sees the update IP addresses.

You could always try it from a different ISP (or have someone else try it) and see if it works properly in that case.


HI Eric

Thanks q for the replay,

i check it today , i try ping my domain, still can not find host, will wait more 24 hour again, let see how it will be

Thanks q


Sure thing – if you continue to have problems, you’re welcome to post your domain name here and we can run some DNS tests. You can always edit your post later to remove it if you wish.


Hi All

3x24 hours had passed, still when i ping my domain, it said “can not find host . .”
When i asked my friend , he said our local ISP it very slow for caching, but i not sure with his answer

Hope Eric or some one here can help me

The domain i used only for server : With IP :

I set set to and ns2.carraba set to

When I ping ns1 and ns 2, it has pointed to

So i added domain (Free One) and (, and has set NS to ns1 and

When i check and already set to ns1 and []

but when i ping and still the result is not found the host . .

can some one help me to look into my DNS and Domain setting?

From here gives Apache2 Ubuntu Default Page and not found

Have you got name severs & dns setting for domains confused?

As I understand it normally your domain registrar would be the nameserver and you only need to configure the dns settings for the domain. Also I think you specify Name Servers as Hostnames and not as IP addresses.


Hmm, when I do testing on your DNS settings, it looks like your nameserver (.174) isn’t responding.

Can you verify that BIND is listening for remote connections, and the port 53 UDP on your server is accessible (that is, not blocked by a firewall, and if it’s behind a NAT router, make sure that port 53 is being forwarded from the router to the server).


Hi Vayira,
Yes, I think i get confused between Name Servers vs DNS vs Hostnames.

Hi Eric,
How do I verify that BIND is listening for remote connections? i event dont know how to configure BIND Correctly. I am using digital ocean Droplet, it has no router.

BUT I think, I will get start from beginning, I will create Fresh Droplet, Install VirtualMin and Try Configure BIND

And post here for every unsure things that I found. and even i will record it, so every newbie here will learn from my mistake.

I think, it will be better, learning by doing, step by step, guide by you guys, Hope you guys can help me

Will Update it soon . .

Hi All, my Update is on


As a DO expert, I can assist you over a screen sharing session and help you get your DNS working as intended. I’ll even show and explain to you what I’m doing so you can learn along the way.

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