How edit existing fcgi wrapper?

I try edit it from root and domain account with Virtualmin file manager and nano but always ‘access denied’


If you need to edit it, you’d need to run “chattr -i FILENAME” on the wrapper first, as it’s marked as immutable (as it’s often not a good idea to edit it).

However, you can certainly do that – and we’d suggest marking it immutable when you’re done by running “chattr +i FILENAME”.


you need to chattr +i the folder fcgi-bin too for it to have any use.
Else one could rename the folder, then recreate fcgi-bin and place its own files in there :wink:
same goes for /home/domain/etc folder

Guys, im with the same problem…
Idk what to do…

can any1 tell me how to do that? i suck on linux, sorry =\

My site is: (/home/garotacarioca/commons)
- the apache user is: garotacarioca on group “common”
tries to acess: /home/admin/file.php
- user admin on group “common” too

what i did:

  • putted every user on the same group (files and folders too)
  • tried to force with 0777 in all folder and files
  • Included my base dir, in php.ini “/home/admin”
    (here worked, cuz if i call is_dir(/home/admin/xpto_folder) works ^^
  • for the last try, ive tried the include_path …

nothing worked =\

please, any1 gimme some light!!!
i couldnt understand anything here… i really suckon linux =\

thanks a lot!