How do you send mail to all Administrators?

Is there a function or built-in alias to be able to send mail to all admin accounts on the box?



Well, while there’s no email alias (as much as I’d love one, I imagine that having one could lead to potential spam to lots of people too easily :wink: – there is a function in the Virtualmin UI to email the server owners.

To do so, log into Virtualmin, click "Email Messages", then "Email Server Owners".

From there, you can either email all server owners, or you can pick and choose which ones you’d like to send a message to.

I’m missing that option in that menu. Is it a “pro” only thing, or do I have to turn on the feature somewhere?



Which version of Virtualmin are you running, and what theme are you using?

If you’re running a reasonably recent version of Virtualmin, and you’re using the default “Virtualmin Framed Theme”, perhaps it’s related to being Pro only – though we’ll need to quiz Jamie to be sure :slight_smile:

I’m uptodate on my rpm’s – so most recent version of virtualmin running default frame theme.


Okay, Jamie said that this is indeed a Pro only feature at the moment.

thanks for the followup Eric, I’ll just go the manual method for now and keep up a private mailman list for the admins.