how do my customers access virtualmin?


i just set up virtualmin the install script its great in like a little kid playing with a new toy!

i was wondering how will my customers of my hosting company get the the control panels!

also how would i go about getting into the FTP as well

thank you for your help!

Your customers access Virtualmin just like you do: Hit port 10000 using HTTPS protocol on any IP on the system. When they login with their virtual server owner account, they will see a simplified version of Virtualmin with only the functions they have access to. By default, the newly created domains will also have an alias "admin.domain.tld" which will redirect to the Virtualmin address:port. Likewise there is a "webmail.domain.tld" alias that redirects to port 20000, which is the Usermin webmail client.

FTP is enabled during installation. Just login using any FTP client using any virtual server owner account–the exact username will appear on the “Edit Mail and FTP Users” page for the virtual server in the field labeled “IMAP/FTP login”. (root logins are disabled via FTP on all supported systems, though, I’m pretty sure…FTP is an insecure protocol, and it wouldn’t be safe to login as root. Use ssh for root-level command line logins.)

hey thank you for the quick reply i have tried which is my ipaddress but nothing happens

this works https://host.local:10000/ but that is just within my network right?

Well, it looks like you’re running behind a NAT router there.

Which is fine, but there may be a problem with the port forwarding for port 10000.

I’d verify that your router is forwarding it to the correct IP address (perhaps there’s a misspelling in there somewhere?).

i have chacked and sadly thats not it all ports have been forwared to the correct locations!

Hrm, I’m not sure what to offer there – if it works within your private LAN, there shouldn’t be any issue with accessing it via a port-forward like what you have setup.

Do you have Usermin setup there (it’s installed by default when using the script)? I’m curious if it works – it runs on port 20000, can you port forward 20000 into your server?


i install virtualmin with the install scripts so i have it all even usermin

on my private lan i access it through https://host.local:10000/ which was a pain to get into in the begining on other pcs on my network and i still currently have no connection to it through my laptop as it uses wireless so when i use the laptop i connect via ip like a customer would!

i used to use only webmin untill i reinstalled my server ready for virtualmin (i heard a new install was best) so now im just getting the kinks out lol

This is a routing issue. Not much we can do about it…you’ll need to figure out why your router/NAT device isn’t actually forwarding those ports.

Keep in mind that most consumer routers don’t actually route, and thus can’t serve the public IP to internal address. So, your public IP may never work with internal PCs…it may only ever be visible to people coming from the Internet.

thank you for your help!

it turns out that even though my ports was forwarded they was not working so i re added them and now its perfect thanks a lot