How do i stop virtualmin from changing this setting

hi guys,
there must be a way in virtualmin to stop this from bloody happening…this file below keeps reverting back to the same cocked up configuration over and over again…its driving me up thje f"king wall!

surely there must be a way the GUI interface can be fixed so it doesnt keep changing the networking settings back to this for dns resolution all the bloody time?

I do not want it to use itself for dns resolution, every time it does this, my clients start having problems with email. I want it to use googles dns servers and stay that way!

Virtualmin only changes it on install. If it’s “changing back” you aren’t changing it in the right place.

If you’re using DHCP, the change is in your dhcp configuration, resolv.conf gets replaced every time network is restarted. That’s probably in /etc/dhcp/dhcpclient.conf and it is probably labeled “Added by Virtualmin”.

Here’s the code where it happens (on install): Virtualmin-Config/ at 62d51356bf0b4a92cbf1b27d8ecc81c87b9a1255 · virtualmin/Virtualmin-Config · GitHub

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