How do I set up soft quotas in virtualmin gpl with warnings?

I’ve been using Virtualmin GPL for a month now and have been pretty happy with it. Unfortunately I hit a problem today where a domains email stopped getting sent. They were over their quota and so, after upping the quota, things started working again.

My problem is that I had though I set the quota to soft limits only. They also said they never received any warning that they hit their limit. So my question is…

How do I setup a soft quota for a domain so a user is warned when they go over it, but the domain continues to function?

Do you see: virtualmin - Limits and Validation - Disk Quota Monitoring ?

Yeah, I don’t actually know that you can utilize what Linux considers to be a “soft” quota, but as Ronald said, you can notify users as they near their limits.

You can pick when to notify them – such as when reaching 75% of their quota.


you can use soft quota through the server template under Administration Options for new users, but I don’t know how to change it for existing users. Sending out a mail would be a viable option though

I checked under Limits and Validation but didn’t find anything related notifying users. Is that part of Virtualmin Pro?

I did however see some email warnings under the Webmin Quota module, but I noticed that by default everyones quota was set to unlimited on there so I assumed Virtualmin did something different for enforcing them.

Also, I had setup the server template to use soft quotas but this didn’t seem to apply to postfix emails as emails were rejected once the quota was reached.

Hmm, what Virtualmin version are you using?


I’m using Virtualmin 3.72.gpl.

My menu looks like…

Limits and Validation

  • Check Disk Quotas
  • Validate Virtual Servers
  • FTP Directory Restrictions

Indeed, you’re pretty up to date!

Sorry, it sounds like that may be a Pro feature then.


Fair 'nuff.

Thanks for the help :).

jstapels, you can configure sending quota warnings for all users via webmin module - Webmin > System > Disk Quotas > select disk > Email notifications
Mail Templates are in module config.