How do I obtain support


I have paid for a 10 server Virtualmin license.

I posted a support request about a month ago. I then posted a second request to have someone look at it 2 weeks ago, but still there is no response.

I am feeling frustrated, but perhaps I need to submit my question elsewhere, so at this point I would like to ask the forum if they know the best way to obtain support.

BTW, below is my original question.


Search Mail Log page hanging


The “Search Mail Log” page is hanging on my domains. After about 15 minutes the page is still loading and there are no results shown. (using the default search criteria, or any other combination I tried)

I am wondering if I need to trim a log file to a manageable size. To that end, I replaced /var/log/maillog with a much smaller tail of itself (so it just had March entries) but that did not help. (I made sure the user & permissions were the same as before on this file, and saved the old one just in case.)

This did not help at all. Is there something else I should try?

Also if the logs are held elsewhere, can you let me know where they are? Is there a special utility that I need to do view them? (I am thinking of something like exigrep that I used with an exim based system.)



you have placed the support request correctly and Im surprised it hasn’t been answered yet.

I never use this Search mail log per domain, but I use under webmin-system-system logs and then choose the /var/logs/maillog
this opens instantly. Can you try this and see if it goes quickly?