How do I manually change the virtual server's IP ?

Hi guys.

I’m having some weird problem here.

I have this domain, and I previously setup a VM on which I setup a virtual server for The external IP of this VM was

Then due to some issues, I decided to scrap that VM entirely, setup a fresh new VM (with new Centos installation etc.), and then again install Virtualmin on it, and setup a virtual server for

The external IP of this new VM is

The problem is that somehow, the DNS A records for new VM still point to somehow. Maybe it tried to resolve and got the previous VM’s address, I don’t know.

Anyways, now on the new VM, when I try to manually change all DNS A Records from to, it doesn’t do that, and instead gives me this error:

Failed to save DNS records : Validation failed : The DNS record resolves to the IP address instead of the virtual server’s IP

So how do I resolve this ? :frowning:

You could try using the function under Server Configuration -> Change IP Address, that should update the IP in all relevant places. Provided that the server’s IP in networking config and other Virtualmin places is set/detected correctly, but you can just try it. :slight_smile:

Actually the problem was something else. My virtual network was setup in such a way that the new VM was still getting the older external IP initially, which is why Virtualmin used that old IP.

I reset everything once again, this time making sure this issue doesn’t repeat, and so far it seems to be fine.