How do I force the password to be encrypted after making an edit to a password in the WP user table

Please I need help editing a users table password field for my wp site. The issue I have is after performing an edit and entering a new password.
The password is not encrypted so when I try to login in it does not recognize the new password because there is a disconnect the new password entered was not encrypted. Where do I encrypt it. Please refer to the 2 screens below for details

heh you will be better off to ask wp forums as this have nothing to do with webmin nor virtualmin you are in wrong forums for that meh. good luck!

I already answered this question to him in another topic. If he is so lazy to ready one page of WP documentation in plain language how to reset the password over MySQL, then he is better to pay someone for this job.

Plus unborn is right, this doesnt have anything to do with Virtualmin and WP forum is better place to ask this kind of questions.

hey Diabolico I am not lazy point of correction. I tried everything there nothing worked. I have been resetting WP user pwd via database for decades and it always works. All I wanted to know is how to do the same thing via virtual min weird interface. Running an emergency php script that I do not understand is not what I wanted to do.

Then you should ask differently, like “How to install phpMyAdmin on Virtualmin” would be good question. How to make new WP password is explained in that link i already gave you in other topic. If you read entire document you would know that you can not just type the password in your DB, instead MD5 hash must be applied. This can be done by using 3rd party online/offline script or directly from phpMyAdmin. All this is explained in that link but you didnt bother to read the documentation because of some X reason.

Its not a problem to help as much as i can/know but you must do your part of the job, plus WP questions is best to ask in WP forum as people there have better knowledge of this CMS.

Wengo, I think wp does encrypt password automatically in md5 format, if you have access directly to database you can generate your new password in encrypted format and just replace it in desired username password field. To generate encrypted password open your terminal and type there echo -n string-to-encode | md5sum - this will give you encrypted password.


unborn@gs:~$ echo -n MyNEWpassword1 | md5sum b3694f19631af778e903ebe71ba6f094 - unborn@gs:~$

So you use the string without - and insert into database field just encrypted string - eg: b3694f19631af778e903ebe71ba6f094 and that should be it. If you dont have linux on your machine, just ssh into your server do it there… basically any linux distro would work. You can insert this new password via PMA (phpmyadmin), terminal over ssh or via virtualmin gui. If you unsure, how to do this, you can hire me or any other PRO. I am web dev myself and worked with wordpress since v2. I am quiet surprised that you did not know this - as you said you been reseting passwds in wp for years… never mind, I hope so this will help!

Its even easier over phpMyAdmin. He just need to type the password, select MD5 from drop down menu and click save. The link i gave him have a pictures how to do it… with other 3-4 solutions. The only thing i could do more is to log on his server and do it by myself.