How do I edit the default IP address of new virtualhosts -- currently * but I want it to be a specific IP

After failing dismally at upgrading Apache to 2.4 and reverting to 2.2(recurring) I now find that whenever I create a new virutal server the default IP address is set to * in /etc/apache2/sites-available/domain.conf.

What file can I edit to change that to the IP address of my server?

I’m running Virtualmin 4.11 GPL with Webmin 1.710


You’d want to make sure that all the .conf files have a “VirtualHost” line that contains your IP address, and not a “*”.

Also, there should be a NameVirtualHost line within your Apache config somewhere… that NameVirtualHost line should contain your IP address as well, and not a “*”.


Amazing, I’ll give that a try. If they’re all set to my ip address, will VirtualMin automatically use that?

The places that I’m going to look are:


Is there anywhere else?