How do i disable virus filtering with clamav?


i wonder how i could disable virus filtering mails with clamav through virtualmin without uninstalling clamav manually.

I did not find the switch in virtualmin.

Any help?

Uninstalling clamav will not accomplish anything good, if your delivery mechanism is still trying to process email with it.

You haven’t specified whether you’re using Virtualmin Professional or GPL (they have completely different mail paths…and GPL doesn’t really deal with spam/AV filtering at all).

So, it depends on how mail is being processed, and how it is being directed through clamav. If you’re using Professional, it looks like there’s not actually an easy way to completely disable virus scanning (weird, I never noticed that!), though it is possible to choose different scanners. I’ve filed a ticket.

In GPL…I can’t really tell you how to do it with the information you’ve provided, because you could be using any number of methods to get email processed on your system.

But why disable clamav?

Hi Joe,
i am using professional version of virtualmin.
Why disabling clamav? I really do not need clamav and want to free up memory ressources.