How do I customize Virtualmin's virtualhost templates?

I want to customize the directories that Virtualmin creates and sets as the webroot. Where and how do I configure this?

I guess it would be the following things:

  • What directories virtualmin creates
  • The permissions virtualmin gives to the user it creates on that directory
  • What the $DOM.conf template says


in Virtualmin - System Settings - Module Config - Defaults for new Domain (in the dropdown) you can change the /home directory (but if Suexec is enabled to look under /home, you may have an issue)

In the server template under Apache Website you can choose “Automatically add appropriate SuExec directive?” and “Users’ website subdirectory to create” and “Permissions on website subdirectory”

also you can create a group in the webmin-webmin-Webmin Users module and create a group with limited or with less limitation and add your users to that group

That doesn’t answer all your questions, but they’re the only answers i have for now. :slight_smile:

err I forgot, there is also the webmin - System - Users and Groups module - then in the right pane, click in the top on Module Config, just under Help.

You can change many settings through that too.