How DNS work

Hello, thank you for such a great product :wink: i love it. Virtualmin works very good, but i don’t understand how to make DNS to work. I will try to explain my situation.

  1. I have domain, lets call ir
  2. In company where i bought domain, i set forwarding to my external IP.
  3. Configure DNS records to use a public address. Done. I set my external IP.
  4. Added new virtual server. Checked virtualmin configuration. Everything is good.
  5. I wait while DNS respons to other servers for 24H, and go to company where i bought domain, i try to change DNS records to use my … but nothing works. i try, even my external ip, but it say what it don’t find any of these servers.
  6. So how i need to to it ? Thank you for answer.


For starters, the documentation here might help:

This site is great for investigating DNS problems:

If that doesn’t resolve your problems, it’d be useful to post the actual domain names and IPs in question (which is no secret information, since you intend to do webhosting), so we can do some tests.

I think i done everything as it should be, but still it don’t work. Maybe need to take some more time…Maybe someone who understand well in DNS could look at my virtualmin if i give ip address and login ?


Could you post an example of a domain you’re having problems with?

We could then run some tests remotely, and see if any problems stand out.



my domain is: (note the end is LT, not IT :slight_smile: )
I think, i have done something wrong with my ip address

When i run, but i still can’t set name server to where i bought a domain, they just say, place don’t exist.
host -t NS name server

on my LAN , i can see my domain. but from network no one can see it.


Well, it doesn’t look like your registrar has any “nameservers” setup for your domain.

Whenever you do a whois lookup on your domain – you would need to have a set of nameservers that point to where your DNS is managed.

Those nameserver records for your domain are something that would be configured at your registrar.

If your domain name registrar doesn’t have any nameserver records for your domain, it won’t be possible to do DNS lookups, as clients won’t know where to find your authoritative DNS records.


Tadziz, what is the IP address of the server you’re configuring?

The LT NIC lists these servers as responsible for “”: [‘’] (NO GLUE) [TTL=7200] [‘’] (NO GLUE) [TTL=7200] [‘’] (NO GLUE) [TTL=7200]

The two 77.* servers though are reported as “lame”, meaning they are not returning info for your zone. Only the 213.* one is returning an A record for your domain, namely