How d I upgrade from 3.39 til 3.43 ?


I’m currently running Virtualmin Pro 3.39

How do I upgrade to 3.43 ?
I can’t find an option i the Virtualmin Package Updates

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Howdy Ole,

What OS and version are you running it on? That determines your package manager, and the commands you’d use to update from the command line. (And helps me figure out why the package updates doesn’t offer the new version to you.)

Hello again

I’m running:
Operating system CentOS Linux 4.4
Webmin version 1.350
Virtualmin version 3.39

Another thing about the Package updates:

The Virtualmin Package Updates says Webmin 1.350 is available,
but if I try to update yum says nothing to do

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Howdy Ole,

Sorry for the slow reply. I got confused, and had to think about it…then forgot to get back to you.

I’m still baffled as to how your box would end up in this state.

Let’s check a few things…what do you get when you run:

yum list wbm-virtual-server


(Be sure to X out the serial number and license key in the output, if you post the whole thing, here. You could also bring it up in a ticket in the bugs and issues tracker and mark it private.)

Hello again

Here’s the complete output from “yum list wbm-virtual-server”

[code:1]Setting up repositories
Reading repository metadata in from local files
Installed Packages
wbm-virtual-server.noarch 2:3.39-1 installed
Available Packages
wbm-virtual-server.noarch 2:3.44-1 virtualmin-unive[/code:1]

I hope it’s usefull

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Weird. Yum knows the right thing, but the package module isn’t doing the right thing.

Maybe just run a yum update from the command line and see what happens. The first version of the security-updates module has a bug kinda like this, so maybe we should make sure you have the latest version of it.

Hello again

I did an "yum update" which installed 4 packages an updated 177.
(Ziped log: [file] )

The following configuration check told me to add til the DNS server list.

After that starting apache, I now have a running Virtualmin server version 3.44

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