How comes my RAM stick to ±45%?

Hi there,

I’m using Virtualmin for like 4 days, I’ve been with VestaCP before. I noticed that unlike when I was with VestaCP when it get up and down non stop, the RAM with with Virtualmin which is only 1GB, stick to ±45% whatever happens… Something rather good we may say, but it doesn’t reassure me at this right moment…

OS type and version Debian 12
Webmin version 2.111
Virtualmin version 7.10.0
Webserver version Apache 2.4.59 / PHP 8.2.20

I have no idea what your question is. What are you expecting to happen?

Where are you seeing whatever it is that is concerning you?

Just had a look at VestaCP, there OS support is way out of date.


I’m just being a bit excessively paranoid then lol

I was using it under Debian 8