How can I update my license to Unlimited Lifetime License

I have just bought a 50 license, and I’d like to upgrade it step by step to Unlimited Lifetime License.
But I find no way to do that, I can only update to annually Unlimited License.

Can you please tell me how can I do that?

Many thanks in advance


You can do that, but it’ll probably involve a little manual tweaking… I’d recommend filing a request using the Support link above, and Joe can work with you to get that all sorted out.



Hi Eric,

many thanks, I will do what you have suggested.:slight_smile:

Our policy on upgrades is to just charge the price difference. So if you want to go up gradually, you can, without having any impact on your total cost (so you don’t need to feel compelled to buy more than you need).

Any upgrade to the lifetime unlimited has to be manually processed, since it’ll depend on how much you’ve spent to date on the license, and the shopping cart doesn’t know how to keep up with all that. So, just ping me via the ticket tracker (assign it to Joe, mark it private, and include the serial number you want to upgrade), and I’ll look up your license and get you a price.

How can i upgrade my license ? Thank you tonis

Hi Joe, i only need the 50 domain license… the other is still in my profile. I don’t need the other license. i only need the 50 domain license at the moment. Also you told me that i only have to pay the difference between the two licenses… could you please check that?
Thank you Toni

Hi Tonis,

Could you open up a request in the support tracker regarding that? You can do that by clicking the Support link above.

We’ll be able to give you a hand there. Thanks!