How can I set AllowOverride All in Directory directive?

Please help me to set AllowOverride All in Directory directive using webmin interface.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Mithilesh,

I just answered this over in the ticket tracker, but I’ll repeat it here for posterity:

This can be added to the Default Server Template (if you want it to apply to all new domains), or whatever template you use for domains that should have this setting.

Click on the Server Templates icon in the Virtualmin Virtual Servers module, and then click "Default Settings".

Scroll down to “Directives and settings for new websites”, and insert any additional directives you’d like to include. Note that you can use any of the Virtualmin variables here, as well…so you can customize it quite a bit, based on the domain name, GID/UID, etc. Save your changes.

Templates are extremely powerful, but it’s not immediately obvious how to use them. I’m working on some more documentation in this area, as well as some tutorials, both video and simply text HOWTOs.

Hope this helps.