How can I see a list of domains and their server templates?

How can I see a list of domains and the server template assigned to that domain?


Hi Craig,

I unfortunately don’t know of a way to do that within the Virtualmin GUI.

You can probably hack something together from the command line tools though.

There’s a number of options you’ll be able to see by running the command “virtualmin”.

One thing you could do to get a list of all Virtual Servers and their templates is to run:

virtualmin list-domains --multiline

That produces a lot of output, but would probably get you want you wanted :slight_smile:

There’s other options you’ll see too though if you dig around in “virtualmin” command options.


Hmm, ok. I did already play with the command line and could cobble something together but then allowing command line access to all front level support is not what I want to do. Let me explain my issue and maybe you have a better/different alternative.

We setup some domains with template A; unfortunately template A had a typo in the DNS configuration so we need to check (and fix if needed) all domains setup using template A.

Thanks for you input!

What I’d probably do in your case would be to run “virtualmin list-domains --multiline”, and grep for the errant server template in the output.

I’d then pull out the names of the domains from that output, and hand that to the folks who need to correct the information.