How can I install PROFTPD server?

My ftp isn’t work. I was tried install from in my webmin panel but not worked…

The ProFTPD server /usr/sbin/proftpd could not be found on your system. Maybe it is not installed, or your module configuration is incorrect.
The ProFTPd package can be automatically installed by Webmin. Click here to have it downloaded and installed using YUM.

What is YUM?


Hi Dursun,

yum is a nice package management tool for Fedora and CentOS (and, optionally, other RPM-based distributions). It allows you to install a package and all of its dependencies with a single command…assuming there is a repository that has that package and you have configured yum to use that repository.

In the case of ProFTPd, I believe you can get it from Fedora Extras (if your OS is Fedora).

Let us know what operating system you’re using, and we can probably be more helpful about how to go about getting a ProFTPd package for it.