How can i change virtual server home directory

I have a virtual server( At first the content of was showing files/content inside public_html. But now i want to the content inside a folder/directory called community which i have created public_html (public_html/comminity/)

I have tried to point my virtual server/domain home directory to the community folder inside public_html (public_html/comminity/) but everything is not working fine.

yes when user visit, the index file inside the public_html/comminity/ will be showing but links, images, css are not working becase they are all refering to community/images, community/css, community/aboutus.html which virtualmin now is telling me doesn’t exist when you tried to reach it from browser.

How can i fix it so that everything will be pointing fine?

this isn’t really a VM issue, however you can reinstall the script into the public_html folder (not a subfolder) or you can move all files out the /community folder 1 level up and change the config.php (or similar) file to reflect the correct paths.

It is my understanding that you would have to go into the httpd.conf and change the Virtual Directory/Site container to point to the /public_html/community/ directory as the root directory. Then restart webmin or apache, But if you already created the Site then all the links to the site would be broken. As they would be pointing to the public_html directory by default. You would get a 403 error when going to

Just a Thought

Never mind this would be in a straight Apache Web server setting sorry please disregard.