How can I change Mail alias mode for alias domains

Is there a way to change "Mail alias mode for alias domains" to "Copy aliases from target" to "Catchall forwarding" for all existing the domains on server in order to avoid bounce mails?

i don’t know.
however you can set your mail server to reject instead of bounce.
bounce is not a good policy. reject is.

bounce, mail comes in, finds no recipient and sends it back.
reject, mailservers talk to each other, if there is some issue on the receiving end, mail is not send until that issue is resolved.

an issue can be no recipient, mailbox full etc.

in my opinion setting catch all means also receiving spam and have no control on what happens on your server.

After 6 months I return back.
The option to change Mail alias mode was added at sone point.
Before that, only the catch all option existed, that is why the domains created before the new option still use catch all.
It would be useful instead of deleting and recreating the domains (the only solution I could think) to change it on the fly because it is a very important option that can help avoid spamming.