How can I allow outgoing connection?

I an running a site on virtual min that uses RPC to communicate. I was on some shared hosting before and I asked them to open up access to the ip and the port then my script worked.
How do I do that in virtualmin
example i need to allow ip to connect through port 456. Right now it is being blocked. I looked at iptables and it is empty.
my previous host ran a command like csf -g but I cant do that here.


If you don’t have a firewall setup on your Virtualmin server (ie, if iptables is empty) – that means that your Virtualmin server shouldn’t be blocking it with a firewall of any sort.

You’d want to make sure no other components, such as a firewall or router in front of your server, are causing that. You’d also need to make sure that the daemon listening for RPC connections isn’t rejecting the connections for some reason.