How can domain owner to restore backups made by root?

Hi to all,

I cannot find a way to permit the domain owners to restore backups made by root.

I have scheduled backup with root to use an remote server through SSH but connecting with domain owner I cannot browse “Backup Logs”.

Thanks a lot for any suggestions.


I’m not aware of a way to do that… I believe a Virtual Server owner would only have the ability to restore a domain they have permission to access (ie, they’d need to have read access to the file)… which normally isn’t the case for backups performed by the root user.

At one point Jamie had talked about implementing such a feature, but I don’t see it in there yet.


Hi Eric,
thanks for your response.

I asked this because I read a post from Joe that said: "A new option on the Virtualmin Configuration page allows domain owners to restore backups made by root for their own domains.

Because root backups are considered secure, the domain owner can restore all settings, including the Apache and DNS configuration." (

Anyway, if this feature isn’t still available, is it possible automatically create a backup schedule using API scripting after the domain creation (avoiding manual backup scheduling creation from gui)?

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You’re right, the feature does appear to have been made available a few versions ago.

If you’d like, I’d be happy to offer a “FREE” screen sharing session to make sure all the settings are setup correctly as there may be some extra steps to make this available.

Drop me an email to: if you’d like to setup a few moments to have me look over this for you.


Maybe you should give me a screensharing session too in order to show me how to use that :slight_smile:

Where does a Virtual Server owner go in order to restore a domain that was backed up as part of a Scheduled Backup?

Is that part of Backup and Restore -> Restore backup?



Sure, I’d be happy to show you how this works :slight_smile:

We don’t currently use the feature in our infrastructure, but it’s not difficult to give you a demo even with my system design.

Fire me an email to to setup a demo time.

*** It is technically part of the “Backup and Restore” feature, but isn’t necessarily obvious how to do, especially if as root user you store backups in a custom directory (as we do). ***


Peter, Eric,
thanks a lot for your help.

I’m thinking isn’t so easy to organize an online “learning session” due to the different working hours.

My necessity is to create two scheduled backup jobs (one for a full backup and another for the incremental one) of all virtual servers giving the possibility to the virtual owner to launch restore without my intervention.

For this reason I thought that this feature could fit perfectly.

Please, could you just write down few words to explaining to me and to the other guys on forum how to use this great feature?

Thanks a lot!


The reason why I would rather not explain in the forums directly is it highly depends on how you created, and where you stored the backups.

Restoring as a user only works if the backups are stored in the /home/user/virtualmin-backup folder.

There are workarounds, however it’d be easier to show you then try to explain here.

My schedule is pretty flexible, and given enough notice I’m available virtually 24/7 as I’m often up past my bedtime anyways working on my own infrastructure :slight_smile:

Just give me at least a couple hours notice, and I’ll generally be able to make time available for a quick screen sharing session.

*** same goes for you Eric ***


sorry for the long delay.

In the meanwhile I played a bit with the backups but the root backups aren’t feasible for what I need.

I can copy the user’s part of a root backup on /home/vhost/virtualmin-backup but the user cannot restore them using “Backup and Restore”->“Backup Logs” so I need to instruct them every time they need a restore.

Perhaps I’ll create a full and incremental user backup every time I’ll create a new vhost but this is an extra effort for me.

Would be really good if I could create a scheduled backup for server owner without using web gui but launching a script during the creation of website but I have to study another bit for this…

Thanks a lot for your suggestions.

Sorry commented on wrong issue.


I’d be happy to setup a screen sharing session to assist you with setting up backups to accomplish what you’re after. Just email me with you available time.

Best Regards, Peter Knowles TPN Solutions

P: 604-782-9342