How add AWStats to all my domains

REQUEST: What is the “/usr/sbin/virtualmin” command that would allow me to “add awstats” to all domains that don’t currently have it?

I migrated from a Debian 9 server with Webalizer, which is no longer available, and only 1 of the old domains had AWStats…

EDIT: I see that …/awstats/ references in the Apache2 “sites-enabled” exist for only 1 domain… I need to update those as well… hoping the “/usr/sbin/virtualmin” can do that…


OS type and version Debian 11
Webmin version Latest
Virtualmin version Latest
Related packages AWStats


Please refer to:

Ok, now I saw that last night… but it says “–webalizer” and not “–awstats”… but I’ll try it.

OH MY… down below it says “–virtualmin-awstats”…

Looking for the “alphabetic aw” near the top… made me blind!