can anyone please help me with sever name. . .

i am confused since i tried to name my server which virtualmin run onit with any given name that come to my mind, but virtualmin said unable to resolve hosting name.

i do have some domain without hosting service, not yet, and confuse how to glue record or a record them to my server.

can anyone please help to explain? thanks a lot

You need to have a hostname as:
you would register the nameserver at your registrar for that domain or point the A record of the domain to your server
server1 A

Thanks for the response, ronald .

so , if i have a server and static ip, i need to name the server something like

and inform my registrar about my server name : , along with the static ip number so that it would direct to my server?

thus the domain is relatedwith a known server name that is addressed at particular ip, does it work like that?

Thanks a lot.

yes. In that case the would have an A Record pointing to your static IP and you would use the nameserver from your registrar.

Another scenario is to have 2 nameservers with 2 static IP’s and register those nameservers ( and at your registrar so virtualmin could control the records in your zonefile.