I had my server reinstalled and then reinstalled virtualmin… HOwever I noticed that my hostname was incorrect during installation…

it said (my host) and it should be

I have now fixed it after virtualmin was installed via the hostname command, also changed it in /etc/hosts and added it to /etc/hostname (this was empty)

Is this sufficient or is there anything else I should do? Did virtualmin use the old value for something?


Actually logging in to virtualmin it still says the old value in the system info and title.

I believe the contents of /etc/hostname are only applied during a reboot.

To manually set the hostname, you might run on the command line:


You might also need to restart Virtualmin if it’s caching the old name (/etc/init.d/webmin restart).

As for other things to change – I’d look in /etc/postfix/ and make sure your old name isn’t listed there anywhere.