hostname and virtualserver cant be the same?

Hi everybody,

i have setup my hostname to the FDQN name is also i have installed the virtualmin under my ubuntu10.04 when try to create the virtualserver its says you cannot create the its already exist.

what supposed i to do here i tried to rename the to and after successful creation of the server i will rename it to but the problems is its referring the sometimes like awstats and the things.

Please advice what to do …


Well, an FQDN should be in the format “host.domain.tld”, so in your case, you’d want your hostname to be something like “”.

Problems can arise when a Virtual Server contains the same name as the hostname, so it prevents you from creating a Virtual Server with that name.

My recommendation would be to change your server’s hostname to be a full FQDN in the host.domain.tld format. At that point, you should then be able to add a Virtual Server of the name “”.


Nope, you’re welcome to change the server’s hostname.

When you do that, just make sure that you also update the hostname in /etc/hosts, and on the mydestination line of /etc/postfix/


…and in /etc/hostname, and /etc/mailname. :slight_smile: