hosting packages

Hi all,

How can I create hosting packages on virtualmin?
For example a package called basic (1 gb hard disk, 5 gb bw, 50 database…)

Thanks and bye :wink: You’re the best

Check out Server Templates. They’re a more advanced and flexible take on the idea of “plans” or “packages”. They allow you to configure nearly everything that is configurable about Virtualmin in different templates…you can also do cool stuff like variable substitution, make custom Content Styles for each one, setup default Install Scripts (so building an Application Service Provider would be trivial, for example), and much more. The people who really take advantage of Server Templates are the people who are going to make a lot of money with Virtualmin, because they make it possible to do things very easily that are nearly impossible with any of our competitors. :wink:

Docs are here:,server_settings_and_templates/

Questions are always welcome.