Host webpage on Virtualmin and another machine?

Hey all;
Looking to host a Page on a Virtualmin machine and also forward port 80 to another machine?..
NOT even sure this can be done, as I have been using a Mac-Mini server for a long time and have weather station and other stuff there, and hard lined weather connection.
NOT REALLY sure I’m asking it Correctly either, but can this be done?
The Mac-Mini also has FTP software running via port 8080, so that would not work…

Provided you have only one IP address available, you can use each port only for one thing, either for a local Apache, or to forward it elsewhere.

You could change Apache’s port number to something other than 80, and then forward port 80 elsewhere. That would of course mean that to reach the hosted site, the user has to manually add the port number to the URL.

Thanks, this is what I Thought… Want to keep the port 80 on the MacOSX server as this is all the Weather/Log/Ham Radio Stuff… But wanted to Forward any request to it from another machine in the Background… May have to Move the Site to get this all to work…