Host mail server (MX) only on virtualmin

Is it possible to host my mail server only on virtualmin?
Website is hosted elsewhere (namecheap). I just want the emails to be handled on my server

If it’s possible, how can one achieve it? How would I go by setting the DMARC and SPF records as well?

Yes, possible and quite doable. The simplest way to do this would be to let Virtualmin install all its standard components and then block via firewall those which you do not wish to use. Yes, this approach has the downside of some services which you do not need running on your system and consuming resources but it is the simplest way to accomplish what you want.

You do this in the usual manner. RTFM and you will be pleasantly surprised by how simple this is with Virtualmin; if you have questions or need assistance then the community could assist with any specific question or issue that you may have.

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