Horde Webmail

Can the webmail that comes with Virtualmin Professional be replaced with Horde Webmail ?

Yes, as long as Horde supports accessing the mail folders via some mechanism that plays nicely with the rest of the system (it probably does). By default Virtualmin Professional sets up mail to use Maildir spools for regular mail, but a spam and virus mbox in the users home directory (this behavior can be changed). Horde Webmail would either need to (safely) work with Maildir folders or it would need to talk IMAP or POP3 to the servers running on the local machine. I believe that it can do both, but I haven’t spent a lot of time with Horde.

Webmail is such an important part of the system, that we’re expending as much effort as necessary to make sure we offer really good options in this area. If there’s something we can improve in Usermin webmail to make it better suit your needs, let us know. It’s also likely that we’ll add an installer component to add alternative webmail clients to the system, if the user prefers them to Usermin webmail.

I Have a similar question regarding usermin webmail function. When a cutomer logs in to usermin the customer can view his spam mail, delete it or forward it to his "inbox" and that is good, but when the mail is forwarded to the inbox the mail can NOT be recieved from his computer throug POP3. I would like to have the mail forwarded to the mail cueue as "new mail" so it can be recieved with POP3.

And the most important feature in usermin… the customer should be able to read his mail from anywhere with webmail. But he can NOT read his new mail without manually adding the POP3 account to the webmail function in usermin. I think that the default when setting up a domain should be that the customer acctually can read his mail with usermin and webmail without manually add his POP3 account.

Is this how usermin webmail works as default or is it me having some settings wrong?. Or do I have to use some other webmail client?. Except for this I think usermin works really good.

Server is running on FC4 and Virtualmin Pro.

Leif Blåfors

Hey Leif,

Thanks for point out these issues. Both are certainly bugs. The latter (user has to setup mailbox access manually) is almost certainly fixed in recent versions of the installer–but I’d better check. The spam moving to inbox not being available via POP3 is just plain weird. I don’t know what to make of that one. I’ll have to ask Jamie.

Usermin should be able to do everything you’ve asked for, and I think it does with appropriate settings (and they’re supposed to be the default, but something could be going wrong during setup). If it doesn’t it’s a bug and we’ll get it fixed.

horde definately supports imap within imp and presumably pop3, it’s a while since i used it.

Hi Joe,

I use the default settings for Usermin. If I send a new mail to a user and log in with Webmin as the domain owner I can read the mail I just sent in the user inbox, but if I log in with Usermin as the account owner I don’t have any mails in my inbox.

When I log in to Webmin as domain owner the inbox is:

and when using Usermin as account owner the inbox is:

Leif Blåfors