Horde Groupware 5.x Install Script

Does anyone have Horde Groupware running with virtualmin? on Ubuntu?
Is it possible to request install script for Horde Groupware, like there is one for RoundCube?

I have been trying to install Horde Groupware for weeks, I can never get it to work.


Due to the way Horde works, Virtualmin has been unable to support it as an Install Script with recent builds… the latest version offered as an Install Script is 3.x.

You could always use RoundCube, and use various RoundCube plugins to add in the functionality you’re after.

If you need Horde working though, you could always use the “Jobs” Forum if you’re interested in hiring someone to get it working for you. Or you could always post the problem you’re experiencing here, or in the Horde Community Forums, it’s possible someone in one of those two communities would have some ideas for you.


Horde 5 is installed via PEAR, so Virtualmin can’t do that with its own method.

What problem exactly are you having? I’ve been running Horde for a customer on Ubuntu 12 for a while and it worked okay. (Groupware only, I didn’t need or try webmail, for which I use Roundcube.)

Hi Guys,
Thank you for reply.
The reason I was looking at Horde Groupware/webmail because I had a chance to use it somewhere and I was quite impressed with its GUI and functionality and then I had tried to install it bunch of times on my test VMs…unsuccessfully… :frowning:

Great idea about RoundCube plugins I didnt even think of that… I shall look into that.

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