Hopefully an easy enough question... [SOLVED] Pull the plug (No... reboot entire server via power-cycle.)

Right now I have Cloudmin managing some Webmin/Virtualmin systems. I have special needs for things like ffmpeg, imagik, and other packages, so since I learned to hard way long ago (forgot to disable REMI, EPEL and or RPMFORGE repos offered me a wonderful update to AwStats and destroyed that install.

Well I did disable this time as I have been doing once everything from them is installed, Cloudmin is telling me one of my servers it manages needs 2 package updates, but it doesn’t! If I go directly to the servers not through Cloudmin, or I use Cloudmin to get there - the server agrees and says no updates. Everything has been refreshed and totally flushed out. Yum clean all’s the whole nine yards. I cannot seem to make Cloudmin to give up on those package updates. Odd thing of it is is that this happened one other time and in 5 minutes I had executed the same sort of sensible things and it was no problem to deal with. Not sure why this is different now.

Any advice would be appreciated. A week long ordeal has turned into months and each day that goes by U get dumber and dumber from doing the same stuff every time to the tune of failures.