${HOME} Variable by template


Is possible to have two templates with different ${HOME} variable?

Default Settings Template creates server in to /home

Another Template to create server in to /home2

Thanks in advance


I have a huge need for this too. It is possible the key to this is in the global variable section (under sytem customization), however due to a lack of info in the help documentaion i guess i am just not entering this properly. In my scenario, i have 3 home directories…home residing on disk0, home2 on disk1, and home3 on disk2.

The best way i can see is to create an addtional template such as Home2 and in the apache section, use a new variable such as ${HOME_2} or similar. The problem is that the original variable of ${HOME} gets created direct from the core install script (as far as i can tell). As a result, creating a new variable that can be used accross the board is proving to be very difficult, unless someone is willing to reinstall from scratch. Any methods i have tried (including hard coded paths in the template) so far have failed, because not all of the modules are getting updated properly. (ie… apache, webalaizer, log files, etc).

System info in case its needed:

Webmin version 1.560 -
Virtualmin version 3.87.gpl GPL -
Operating system Debian Linux 6.0 -
Apache version 2.2.16 -
Theme version 8.1 -