home directory quota for email user is incorrect

I was tracking some errors in the maillog and was alerted to the fact that email was being bounced because a particular mailbox had exceeded its available storage… hello whats happening here?

I checked the mailbox and it has 50mb allocated, and virtualmin was telling me that it was all used up. This is seriously not the case, I checked the size of the directory, spam and messages and all. I don’t know why the system is reporting an incorrect size.

How do I presumably go about correcting this?

Centos5, x64, virtualmin pro 3.61

Thanks Steven


There may be files somewhere else on the file system owned by that user.

If you log in via SSH, you can type:

find / -user XXXX

where XXXX is his Virtualmin login.

Sometimes, there’s /tmp/clamav-* files that can take up some space.

Hey thanks!

got me thinking, there were some 0 byte files in the /tmp folder assigned to the user concerned. After removing these, the quotas read the correct figure.

Have a great day!